Joseph L. Matthews is the “military payroll signature,” you may see at the end of a formal letter or in a signature block, but mostly he’s just “Pastor Joe.” He and his wife Julie have been married since September of 1996 and have been blessed of the Lord with seven wonderful children. Pastor Joe grew up in several different denominations of churches, but as a youngster he was always in church. Life experiences caused him to call on the Lord, Jesus Christ for salvation in 1998. He was baptized early in 1999 and later in the year finally submitted his life fully to Jesus Christ and his plan.

Pastor Joe is passionate about the scripture. After submitting fully to the Lord in late 1999, he began and continues today a daily Bible study to know more of his Lord, Jesus Christ and his plan and work for him. He will tell you that he’s still learning and growing in Christ. He is not only passionate about the scripture, he believes that his foundation must be the Bible and that the Bible is best interpreted by itself.

It was clear to Pastor Joe, Julie and their family that God truly called them here and opened every door necessary for them to serve at Bible Baptist Church. At this time, he is not only working a full time job at Fort McCoy, he is also an enlisted soldier in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Before being called to Neillsville, he was fully involved in ministry wherever the Lord opened a door of opportunity. He has counseled soldiers as a mentor and friend, law-enforcement officers as a volunteer chaplain, family members, friends and co-workers whenever he sees a need. His wife Julie and their children support and assist in ministry as much as they can as well.

He is not only passionate about preaching, teaching and living the word of God, he’s passionate about ministry as well. He says that God has gifted him with so many experiences and opportunities he loves the personal aspect of ministering to individual needs as well. He finds time, when necessary to help out with automotive mechanics, hospital visits, lawn care, farm work, and loves one on one Bible study over a cup of coffee.